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Scrappy Post

I’m very late for Scrap Happy September but thought I’d show you these little fabric pots I’ve made.

The largest has a 2.25 inch base and is an inch high. These pots are going to a local shop but I plan to make some in silk for Christmas presents and fill them with little gifts.

I will be around soon to look at what you’ve been up to and soon I’ll be back to regular posts.

Have a lovely week

Norma x



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Scrap happy February


A different way of using up my scraps – a fabric pot made with fairly stiff string and the scraps from a hand dyed quilt. Shame not to use them.

There are plenty of instructions to make fabric pots out there on YouTube but these are the basics:

Cut or tear strips of fabric about 1 inch or 3/4 inch wide – depends on the thickness of your string – and wrap the strips tightly around the string making sure that no string shows. Start coiling your string and zigzag stitch the coils together.

My machine can cope with fairly tough string and rope given a jeans needle and some very strong thread – machine quilting thread, hand quilting thread (has to be used on the upright spindle of my sewing machine as the thread is wound straight) and semi-industrial thread.

New strips of fabric are wrapped in as you go along.  When the base is large enough, tilt the pot to make the sides. Keep going until you have the size you want, then neatly sew in the ends of the string and fabric.

I cut my fabric on the straight grain as this is the neatest way – if you use bias strips it’s hard to finish neatly at the end – but practise will show you what’s best for you.

It’s not an easy technique to describe and is better demonstrated – if there is any interest I could do a picture tutorial.

I made several pots before I worked out how to get them looking right. Since then I have made dozens including tiny ones with crochet cotton inside and a wool tweed one with no string inside. It’s something I love doing.

I collect my eggs in a fabric pot and I carry my shopping in one and they’re all made from leftover fabric.


The shopping basket is made with rope bought from the local farmer’s store. All the fabrics are leftovers – my own and other people’s.

Rosyragpatch’s blog has the original quilt here if you’re interested.

Linking to Tall Tales from Chiconia –  Scrap Happy February. Why not pop over and see what other people have done with their scraps.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x


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