My new nightdress. Formerly a linen shirt belonging to my husband. I’ve been hanging on to the shirt for ages but now seemed like the right time to use it.

The original

I’ve extended it with a leftover piece of linen table cloth. Both fabrics are very soft after long years of laundry. I bought the lace trim to try to tie it all together and make it look more feminine. I’ve replaced the plastic buttons with shell buttons.

I’ve got a fair size collection of shell buttons taken off old clothes, found in charity shops or donated by kind friends.

It’s been an interesting project for my “new” machine

I did French seams to avoid having to start on the zigzag attachment yet. And I put a lot of the trim on by hand because I couldn’t get past the lack of a free arm.

Any advice on how to cope without the free arm please let me know.

Next time’s project has to use the zigzag attachment. It doesn’t have instructions so I’ll need to do some research. Maybe YouTube?

I’m pleased with it though.

Thanks for dropping by.

Enjoy your week

Norma x


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8 responses to “Refashioned!

  1. I always enjoy seeing what you are refashioning, Norma! This is a clever idea, and perfect for a nightdress. I’m sure you can find something on YouTube for both sewing without a free arm and for tutorials with your new machine. It seems you can find anything online, so might as well take a look!

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    • Yes, everything does seem to be online so I’ll give it a go. I’ve tried my 1930s & 1950s sewing books without success so far. Still it’s fun looking. Have just seen how to sharpen scissors – on the neck of a glass bottle. Am going to try…


  2. The lace makes all the difference!

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  3. I can almost feel how soft that linen must be – wonderful!


  4. How clever, Norma. I would have ended up just cutting it for another use entirely. I think your changes to the original were very smart! I’ll imagine it is very comfortable in the warmer, humid days of summer.

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