A New Machine and Some Quilts

My “new” sewing machine. It’s a Singer 201k and it sews like a dream. It’s incredibly heavy so I’m looking for a table it can sit on permanently.

I’ve bought it a buttonholer and a zigzag attachment. I’ve got to try them out yet. The tote bag I made to try it out had French seams!

So what else has happened?

These quilts I put my quilt group’s exhibition (one unfinished) appeared in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine along with lovelies made by my friends.

I’ve been mending, garden dyeing and refashioning. And I have another project idea afoot.

More to follow.

Thanks to Lynda who suggested I start blogging again. I promise to try.

Norma x


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13 responses to “A New Machine and Some Quilts

  1. Good to see you. Your quilts are terrific. I especially like the medallion/frame quilt. What wonderful fabrics!

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  2. Deb

    Love those quilt! Hope you keep that singer going!

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  3. These are lovely! That machine is a keeper for sure! I have a similar Singer that I am working on rebuilding. I told my husband that when I get done I would like to keep it for myself… he gave me “the look”. He doesn’t understand why if I have a home machine and a travel machine that I need to keep the old Singer machine. To be practical, I will sell it as I did take it on to make a little spending money.

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  4. I’m so glad to see you back here! I’ve been meaning to email you and see how you are doing. I can see you’ve been enjoying yourself. That new machine is a beauty, and those quilts are amazing!

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  5. You’ve got to love those old Singers! I have a heap, but not this one. May you make many more beautiful quilts on it.

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  6. Good to see the products of your time off-line, Norma! It’s always good to take a break rather than continue blogging when your focus is elsewhere. I always say it is the quality of what is presented, shared, blogged about and photographed. That is what counts. I’m happy to learn about your new machine and hope that when there’s time you share your adventures in learning to use it.

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