Refashioned Skirt

My dyeing and painting tunic


The original me made skirt

I wear many clothes to destruction. They’re only fit to be turned into cleaning rags or if there are good bits, maybe some bits of quilt fabric.  But I can’t find a photo of me wearing this skirt, maybe that’s because I didn’t wear it very often.

I have a “thing” about clothes that I don’t wear much. I feel sad when I see them hanging there wasted. Some such things just go straight to the charity shop: they’re too good (and  too unloved) to be used for something else.

To refashion it: I took off the top of the skirt where the darts were, made armholes and bound the edges.  I made more buttonholes so that it would cover me better.

Then I tried it on.

It needed shaping badly so I used some large black buttons to pull it in and give me some shape.


Next came pockets –  a working tunic has to have pockets…  It was lucky that I had a few bits of the original fabric left because the bits I’d cut off the skirt just wouldn’t stretch to two pockets.


I don’t know why the pockets look blue on the photo – they are definitely black.

And that’s all: I’ve worn the tunic a lot and I’ve even had compliments on it. It’s a simple but successful refashion.

What do you do with your failures? Do you enjoy refashioning? I’d love to hear from you.

Have  a fun week.

Norma x


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11 responses to “Refashioned Skirt

  1. You are very resourceful. I have sometimes refashioned an item that doesn’t fit me well. ie if it is too big for me. I also use old clothing for quilt fabric. I have just completed a queen size quilt from seven men’s shirts. I haven’t done a blog post on it yet as it is for my daughter’s 40th which is in May so I will post about it then.

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  2. Norma, this is fantastic! I really like that nifty button at the back. It adds a nice little touch while fixing an issue! Would love to see you model this 😉

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  3. Deb

    I like your refashion,the button in the back was a great idea. Most times I make something out of my bloopers,they might to rolled up into a ball ,then stuffed into a drawer for awhile until an idea excites me enough to unroll the blooper.😀

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  4. Hi Norma. I hope the tunic becomes a frequent favorite. Any bloopers I make are always on the muslin. I always try to use them by salvaging whatever parts can be used for a different toile.

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  5. Luv this “upcycle”!!!! I’m sure you will enjoy it much more in ‘this’ life form! LOL!

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