Using Pinterest 


My Throw in Progress (with basting stitches!)

If you were to take a look at my Pinterest boards (via the sidebar on my blog or here). You might be surprised at what you see, especially if you’ve known me for a while. I don’t think they’re much like what I’ve been making.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, so I’ll call this an aim for 2018 and beyond. I’m going to try to bring my sewing and crafting in line with the dreaming I’m recording on Pinterest.  So what about this throw?

I’m a member of a quilt group called Welsh Heritage Quilters and every two years we hold an exhibition at the Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes. You can show any quilted item you’ve finished since the last exhibition or which is in progress, but there are also categories to encourage us to push ourselves.  I decided to make something for the “Welsh” category. I’ve been learning a lot about traditional Welsh quilts at the Quilt Association and wanted to have a go.

My starting point

Frame quilts are very traditional so that was what I decided to make.  I bought many of the fabrics to make a throw as a wedding gift, but lost my nerve and left them languishing untouched in the drawer. The colours seemed just right for a traditional quilt.


Close up of Quilting in Progress

Welsh quilting patterns are very distinctive and I set about trying to copy some, but then…

I decided not to try to make a clone but something based on all the boro and kantha quilts I’ve Pinned.  I’m using variegated Sulky thread to stitch what are traditional Welsh patterns, but in a way that seems to me more like boro or kantha. Don’t know if I’ve succeeded but it’s very satisfying. I’m really enjoying the quilting process.


The back in progress

I’m not too concerned about my stitches as I’m hoping the patterns, when finished, will draw the eye away from individual stitches.

I’ve had difficulties. The only marker I could see was yellow chalk (seen on the photos) and that rubbed off, so I marked, worked outlines and marked again. It’s not fully marked yet and none of the hearts or circles are yet fully quilted – some infill is called for.

The wadding is cotton flannel that’s been sitting in my sewing cupboard for years on end. It’s not easy to hand quilt but I’m getting used to it. Many traditional Welsh quilts would have contained carded wool and were quilted very closely to keep the wadding in place during laundry.

So, I’ve started using my Pins to influence my quilts, but I’ve got clothes boards you really wouldn’t believe if you saw them and a shoe board brimming with shoe making ideas. But those are for other times, other posts.

Do you use Pinterest? How do you use it? I’d love to know so do join the conversation. And if you put a link to your boards in the comments I’ll take a look.

Enjoy your week.

Norma x







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17 responses to “Using Pinterest 

  1. I don’t use Pinterest as much as I used to. You can find me on Pinterest under Pieceful Wendy.

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  2. I don’t use Pinterest. It seems like a super-duper bulletin board or bookmarking system. I’m not very good with paperwork 🙂 and this seems like more of the same.

    Love the idea of making a Welsh quilt with kantha stitching. I’m an inexperienced hand-quilter, so any stitches I made would be big, whether intended or not! Have fun. It’s looking great!

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    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m definitely having fun with it.
      I see Pinterest as like a magazine but I don’t have to store all the stuff I want to see again. I waste(?) a lot of time on it so need to put it to good use 😊


  3. Hi Norma. Love your idea about creating dream boards at Pinterest. I use it as a catchall for a wide variety of topics. Some are rather heavy and weighty in terms of the topics like ethics or hypocrisy. But then I have folders filled with the stuff of fantasy like the costumes of 1920s designer Natacha Rambova.

    I like what you are doing here with the colors. They are vibrant, assertive and add great interest.

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  4. I use Pinterest in spurts. So far I haven’t “used” it to make anything important, just lots of eye candy so far. As for your frame quilt I think it is beautiful.

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  5. I luv this quilt!!!! When I’m doing a repeating motif (like your hearts), I cut a stack of them from freezer paper (food wrapping paper that is heavy and waxed on one side….found in the paper goods section of the grocery store) and iron them on the quilt top (waxed side down). They stick long enough to stitch around them (hand or machine) and can be removed and reused several times. Works well with circles, squares, stars…..any shape that you want consistent.

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  6. Alex

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