Pant y Dwr is Yarnbombed

Postman Pat guarding the post box.

In progess!

Nearly there…

The St Harmon WI and the Pant y Dwr craft group have been working hard. This is just a taste of what’s been done. Please take a look at the St Harmon WI Facebook page if you’re interested.

There aren’t many of us but we’ve been working hard.



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16 responses to “Pant y Dwr is Yarnbombed

  1. So this is what you’re up to, Norma! I hope the weather is good and your creations gather interest for your group. Nice to see a photo of your town and sister members of the group.

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  2. What a hoot! Keep on spreading color and joy!

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  3. This is lovely! Although that spider is pretty big and scary!

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  4. Hoorah for yarn bombing! A friend of mine does it with the WI in her village and she has so much fun doing it. xx

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  5. Yay!! Really good stuff! Keep it up. Very pretty area.

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  6. Wow. We live in Finland and love Pat the postman. 🙂

    Yarn bombing in Finnish way:

    Crochet tractor

    Have a wonderful day!

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