Scrappy Post

I’m very late for Scrap Happy September but thought I’d show you these little fabric pots I’ve made.

The largest has a 2.25 inch base and is an inch high. These pots are going to a local shop but I plan to make some in silk for Christmas presents and fill them with little gifts.

I will be around soon to look at what you’ve been up to and soon I’ll be back to regular posts.

Have a lovely week

Norma x



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13 responses to “Scrappy Post

  1. Love them! What a great idea. What type of scraps did you use?

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  2. Norma, these are lovely and the colors are awesome! Any special tips on putting them together? I always think about making them, but worry about breaking something. Maybe when I get the old 50s singer put back together I will try this on it?

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    • Thanks!
      I use a heavy crochet cotton for the base. This sort is so delicate I don’t even need a jeans needle or heavy duty thread. I have made some that make the machine shudder – i don’t do that now, but I suppose it was good practice

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  3. I love little fabric bowls. I’ve made several different kinds, but none like yours. I might have to try this style.

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  4. Deb

    Delightful colorful bowls,love them!!

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  5. They are so pretty I’d be reluctant to put anything in them! I could see a very tiny posy made with baby’s breath looking nice in one of these.

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