Blackberry Dye Update

This is the dress after rinsing. A sort of dusky pink.

This is the old pillowcase I used to strain the dye. Tie dye look and some lovely purple. I’ll use this in a quilt, I think.

The blackberries were wild. I picked the on the ground ones that no one ever wants. It’s a good year for blackberries so I will pick some more for dyeing as well as those I need for jam & wine.

The dress will go away when dry so as to allow the dye to take well.

I’ve been dyeing lots this summer and I’ve sewn and even done some secret knitting. I’ll be showing some of this stuff soon. If I haven’t visited your blog recently I’ll be around soon. Sorry to have been so out of touch.

Have fun!

Norma x


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16 responses to “Blackberry Dye Update

  1. The color of the dress is lovely. Looking forward to seeing your secret projects!

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  2. This is a lovely colour – very summery. Do you think the colour will last or was more sour milk mordanting required?

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    • I think it will last. The other things I’ve done seem ok so far. I’m careful to wash only on a cold cycle and I use Ecover washing liquid.
      If it does fade, I don’t mind redoing next year.


  3. Deb

    I like the dress better in the pink! Neat idea to put the bag into a quilt.

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  4. Such a glorious colour! Blackberries are a terrible weed here, but there are a few bushes around our country place, I must keep an eye out for the berries, but I suspect the kangaroos eat them!

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    • Blackberries would probably take over if people didn’t keep cutting them back but it’s very exciting when they have a good berry year.
      Definitely worth getting some blackberries and trying it

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  5. I love that kind of dusky pink colour. Looks fab. ☺

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  6. I am so happy your summer was such a productive one. One where you enjoyed it all. I have been a little out of touch, too. I have advanced in practice draping and will share some surprise developments later in September. It is all good and a process of growth.

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  7. Love the purple–it is my favorite color. Tie dyed skirts are always nice. What is secret knitting?

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  8. The final mellowing out of this color is rich and unique. I have missed you but your productivity this summer will lend itself to such pleasant discussions as you resume posting. Do you think you will take up dyeing your knitting yarn?

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    • Thank you! l’ve collected enough blackberries to dye wool if I’m lucky enough to find natural colours.
      I have been offered a gift of fleeced to card so that I can use them in my tumbling blocks quilt so that’s an exciting project for the winter


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