Blackberry Dye

This is the linen Merchant & Mills Curlew dress previously tea dyed.

I’ve worn it in its previous incarnation and decided the colour is not for me as a dress.

Maybe as a top I’d like it better.

It was mordanted in sour milk originally and the tea and the wash it had after wearing should also act as mordants.

I will dry without rinsing and leave it to cure for a week or two before washing.

Apologies for the photo quality – I’m having to use my phone.

Enjoy your week.




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12 responses to “Blackberry Dye

  1. So are you re-dyeing it to the blackberry color? I think it looks lovely on you, but I do understand how sometimes the color just doesn’t feel right.


  2. The color from the blackberries is luscious, so far.

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  3. With your coloring, it should be fabulous on you!

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  4. I think you are right–the gold might serve better on a top. I am quite the purple lover so certainly not unbiased.

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