I made my shoes!

New espadrilles from scrap fabric and bought soles.

I used a pattern from Mollie Makes magazine. They’re a first attempt and don’t fit as well as I’d like so I’m going to alter the pattern and make another pair.

This photo shows the lining – a piece from my old kitchen curtains. 

I’d really like to make more shoes and this seemed a good way to start. 

The soles are made by Prym and I bought them online. And a word of warning – the pattern doesn’t have seam allowances and so far as I can tell, doesn’t say so.

Thanks for dropping by. 

Norma x 



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16 responses to “I made my shoes!

  1. The shoes look great, Norma! Is it difficult to stitch through that sole? It looks like it would make for sore fingers!


  2. Good luck as you refine the process. Even if these don’t fit perfectly you can wear them in the house instead of outside. I like the print fabric for ties. I wonder if you can stitch together smaller pieces of scraps to create a kind of patchwork espadrille?

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  3. very cute! You’re quite resourceful!

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  4. These look so cool! Can’t wait to see your alterations.

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  5. These are fab! I’m planning to crochet some soon, hopefully before the summer comes to an end. Prym do a number of different sole styles which I have my eye on. You can also find different ones on Etsy. Can I just ask, did you find the soles were accurate in terms of sizing? xx

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    • Thanks!
      The sole size was fine. I would definitely buy the same make again. I didn’t know about the other styles but I’ll look at them.
      Exciting to crochet shoes – l look forward to seeing them


  6. Good for you! This is one thing I haven’t tried yet, but wish to. They look good!

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  7. I bought a set of espadrille soles in Bath, so must explore this pattern. Yours look really excellent and how exciting to have made your own shoes.

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  8. What a great idea. They are so cute. Good luck in the refining process.

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