Scrap Happy May

An unusual challenge for me.

This is my only remaining childhood doll: Susan. I don’t think I played much with dolls and they were gradually given away.

I had to dress her for a competition (result 18/20 but not enough for a place).

I’ve never made doll clothes and had no idea how hard they were – three attempts at pants before she could sit down and I had to drape a top to get the fit.

Tiny pockets were less trouble than the shoes – ribbon tied under the sole and round the ankles because they just wouldn’t stay on. Thanks to Em for that advice.

I would say that if you think you’re a good sewer / pattern drafter give doll clothes a try – you’ll definitely hone your skills.

Anyhow, the shoes are made from out of date leather upholstery samples, the top, trousers and bag from dressmaking leftovers.

Why not take a look at the other scrap challenges – always full of inspiration.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x

P.S.  This was my skirt before the dye pot – painted with egg.

I’ve just taken it out of the pot and I’m very excited. I’ll post about that in detail in a day or two.



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17 responses to “Scrap Happy May

  1. What a fun project, and a perfect way to use up scraps. It’s also remarkable that you still have the doll; I have no idea what happened to mine, but then, like you, I didn’t play with them much!

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  2. What a fun way to use scraps! The doll is precious:)

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  3. How lovely! What a great way of using scraps up 🙂

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  4. Susan is so pretty. I think draping on a doll is much easier. In this case, though, it must have been more difficult because Susan is a vintage doll. Sometimes vinyl dolls are not so sturdy the older they get. I’ve learned that crafters often use another doll that they buy just for draping and fitting. They don’t care about its condition. It can be handled much more. The resulting outfit is then put on the doll they want to display. What makes this an excellent result is that you kept the tunic just right for Susan by using a small scale print.

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    • Thank you. I was a bit worried about how she’d stand up to things but she’s fine. What I didn’t say in my post was that she was wearing dress and matching underwear made by my mother – would you believe there are French seams and some pieces cut on the bias – i think for the fit and ease of getting on & off. What a lot of trouble she went to for me – but they’ve lasted 50 years.

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  5. I look forward to seeing how the squiggles change after they come out of the dye pot. What flower or plant are you using next?

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  6. I can’t believe you still have your doll. That is fantastic! I never really thought about how had it would be to sew clothes for a doll–but they would not be standard in any place. She looks good.
    Can’t wait to see how your dyeing turns out!! The squiggles look really interesting.

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