Mini Quilts


The quilts each measure approximately 11.25inches x 8.25 inches. This size of quilt has become a bit of an obsession of mine. They get put into an envelope and sold in a sort of Quilt Lucky Dip to raise funds for the Quilt Association.

It’s quite a hard size because it’s not square – normal block patterns don’t work but it gives me the freedom to try out ideas. If they work I give them to the Quilt Association, otherwise they’re scrapped.

These two are made from the remains of the batik jellyroll I used to make this skirt.


I’ve made a couple more mini quilts but one isn’t quite right yet so I’ll save them for another day.

You can see my velvet mini quilts here.

And there’s another 1934 skirt in the pipeline – they really are becoming an obsession.

Thanks for dropping by

Norma x



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23 responses to “Mini Quilts

  1. The mini quilts look great. I was recently thinking of trying my hand at some small quilted pieces to turn into sachet covers, and after having seen your work here, the urge to do so has increased!

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  2. I love the small format. It is wonderful for experimentation. I am particularly fond of the one with the blue binding. Looking forward to seeing more!

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  3. I love the idea of a mini quilt as I get a bit bored with making big ones. Great skirt!

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  4. Deb

    The skirt sings of summer! Love the mini quilts.


  5. What is a batik jellyroll? Love the skirt–looks light and airy. Love the idea of small quilts, but what do you use them for? Cats to lie on? Looking forward to thenext iteration of the 1934 skirt.


    • Batik is a form of dyeing. I think they use wax resist. Jellyrolls are bundles of co-ordinating fabric strips – they’re usually bought for quilts but perfect for a skirt

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    • They can be table mats but often people hang them. They’re a popular souvenir when people visit the quilt exhibitions. I also think you get ideas from looking at them – see what worked and what didn’t.
      Most shops in Llanidloes have them in the window – tailored to what they sell. They were made specially by Welsh Heritage Quilters

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  6. What pretty color combinations! Thanks for sharing, both with us and also with your donations.


  7. I can see a use for the mini-quilts right away…They could be the start of one of those jewelry protectors you take on a trip. It has pockets inside that you can put rings and necklaces in. Then it gets rolled up and tied from the outside.


  8. piecefulwendy

    I love them! Little quilts are so fun to make. Someone is going to be very happy getting one of those!


  9. Lovely work on the quilting. It’s very nice of you to give them away too! I am still learning when it comes to quilting but there seems to be so many possibilities when it comes to design!

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