1940s Pattern Giveaway 

Some of you may remember that I made this dress once and it soooo didn’t suit me.  It’s a lovely pattern but whilst I love 1940s styles they really don’t love me.

I traced off the pattern so it’s all still complete. 

If you’d like this Sense & Sensibility pattern please leave a comment below and I’ll choose someone from the hat next Thursday 23rd February. 

It’s not heavy so I’ll post anywhere in the world. 



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6 responses to “1940s Pattern Giveaway 

  1. Yes please, I think this would suit my style a treat!!

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  2. Sewing for Cat People

    Oh this is lovely! I keep meaning to make some dresses!

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  3. Bobbi

    Cute dress! I love 40s styles.

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  4. Sorry I missed this! That’s a very cute pattern!

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