Leather Pouches

I’m trying to work with leather.

I was given scraps of supersoft coloured suede and had the idea I’d like little pouches (the bottoms are about 2 inch diameter), the sort of thing I’d imagine a Medieval woman putting her money in or a travelling herbalist keeping her most special herbs in. I’ve used them as purses and for giving little gifts, but I’d like to have one with tiny special items inside – maybe pretty stones.

The brown leather was fairly damaged when I got it but I just wanted something to try so it didn’t matter too much. The bag is made with three identical shapes as you can see from its bottom. It’s based on a 16th century pattern – not commercially available so far as I know and it was drawn on a bit of brown paper for me.

I added the strap: I think the original might have been attached to a belt. I machine sewed using a leather needle and extra strong thread.

I tried to add metal eyelets to the brown leather but I just couldn’t get them to attach properly. I’ve never used metal eyelets before so I have no idea why they didn’t work. I will try again using denim to see if it’s my technique or the leather.

I used an awl to make the holes for the draawstring. I think a leather punch might be better so I’ll look for one of those.

I would like to learn lots more about leatherwork. Making shoes would be lovely. Some of you might remember these shoes I made in a beginners’ workshop at Green Shoes.


Shoes made with lots of help

The shoes are still in use five years later, although I have had them resoled so they’re not quite so me made as they were.

I have used the little pouches and although the brown pouch is not as elegant as I’d like because my skills are pretty basic, I think I’ll want to use that too.

I have been watching Carolyn’s shoemaking for her Year of Handmade and thinking I should have another go. Maybe I will.

Meantime, I was given these so that I can keep practicing.


Leather upholstery samples

So I’ll definitely keep trying.

Thanks for dropping by,

Norma x



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11 responses to “Leather Pouches

  1. Deb

    I have never worked with leather other than to make my own thimbles, so this is going to be interesting for me.

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  2. Cool Shoes. Love the color. I never thought about it but sewing on leather is still sewing. Pouches are IN when they are worn around the neck with special rocks and other mementos. I look forward to other leather products.

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  3. Those shoes! I love your leather pouches, simple yet useful. I’ve had a few goes at making things with leather but then want tools and can’t justify the cost. I also have a box of leather samples so will be interested in what you make with yours.

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  4. I remember your shoes! so inspiring to me… it is fun making shoes! though you are correct in that it is a completely different skill set and the right tools would be a very good idea!
    thank you for the mention too. 🙂

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  5. Keep going Norma! You will acquire a new set of handcrafting skills. I think leather is a real challenge because it can and will stretch if not handled properly. Do you think the eyelets might go in easily if a small hole was made with an awl first? Then the eyelet could be inserted and flattened with whatever tool you need to use.

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    • I have to try and see. I think a leather punch would be a good tool to start with.
      I’ve been collecting simple historic shoe patterns on Pinterest and I think the punch is the absolute minimum tool I will need for leather. I have a lot of felt so I might make slippers first with that.


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