A Painted Chair 

Back in December, I painted this old chair at Amanda Skipsey’s workshop in Rhayader.

The background colour is chalk paint and the details are acrylic. Amanda was very patient with me when I needed to get the shapes and she painted a chair herself at the same time. There are no stencils involved, this was freehand.

If you compare mine & her’s, well there’s no competition but I’m thrilled with it. And it’s the start of more furniture painting for me. Seems like a fun way to upcycle to me .

Thanks for dropping by,

Happy New Year

Norma x



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13 responses to “A Painted Chair 

  1. Cool Idea. You did a good job–my freehand would be awful.

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  2. Deb

    I love it! Great finish.

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  3. That’s so cute! You did a really good job painting it freehand. I haven’t painted in years so I imagine mine would be dreadful. xx

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  4. What a magical scene, it’s just lovely – do you have somewhere special to put it?

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  5. Great upcycle! My sister does great fabric decoupage chairs and they are a delight too. Such a cool way to give old furniture new life.

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  6. Oh my goodness … this is wonderful, Norma. You must be so very pleased with how nicely it turned out!

    Happy New Year to you, my dear online friend. xo

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