Velvet Scrap Quilt in Progress

This is a sort of scrap quilt. It includes bits of my old velvet dress, my skirt and my trousers. All of them probably date from the 1990s. It also includes other people’s scraps both donated and bought. Some of the scraps are in the form of long strips, so there should be plenty left for small projects.

The back used up what was left of my kitchen curtain fabric after I’d made the curtains.

The quilt is large throw size and strip pieced. I’m using some fancy variegated silk thread to add some extra quilting.

I’m linking to Scrap Happy September. Why not take a look at what everyone else is doing?

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x





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23 responses to “Velvet Scrap Quilt in Progress

  1. I love velvet so much! This quilt looks so lovely.

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  2. Oh a woman after my own heart! In the 1990s I did a collection at fashion college that was all made of patchwork velvet that I painstakingly sewed together. It was a three piece suit and an ankle length coat both for women. It was so much work but really great fun despite all of the velvet bobbles that seemed to live in my room at that time!
    Your quilt looks fab and I love that it’s long rectangular strips rather than the standard quilt shapes. Very funky and probably very warm! xx

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  3. piecefulwendy

    Sewing with velvet has always intimidated me, so this is really fun to see. I look forward to seeing your stitching on it!

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  4. Lovely and cosy. Velvet’s so wonderfully tactile, you’re adding a whole new dimension to the quilt apart from colour and shape. It’s going to be gorgeous.

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  5. That is going to be one dreamy quilt come the cold weather. Great colours. Love it!

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  6. That must be soft and comfortable. What a lovely idea!


  7. Norma, you’re so resourceful. This is a great way to transform old clothing into something completely new.


  8. Nice! I hate seeing velvet so I’m impressed

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  9. Awesome! I’ve never made a quilt from velvet – it looks so luxurious!


  10. Norma, somehow my amazing technological skills managed to delete your last comment on my blog and having had no idea how I did that in the first place, I can’t undo it!! So I’ve popped over here to say Thanks and that having a wardrobe full of stories and history is a beautiful thing, and nothing pleases me more than being able to tell the stories behind specific garments. Even more justification for a wardrobe full of second hand and hand made!

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