Solar Dyed and Upcycled


Transformed charity shop blouse – frills cut off, buttons changed, colour changed, white polyester stitching covered over with new stitching, fully mended.



Colour – It smelt of dead badger after being dyed with onion skins so I left it in coffee for a week in the greenhouse. The colour looks much paler here because of all the amazing sunshine we’re having – I’m not complaining. To get some idea of the colour, the wall you can see behind it is yellow. The blouse is coffee cream and still smells a bit. To solve that, I have a small bottle of cheap vodka to make into a spray – Frankie Beane kindly found the idea on the internet for me.

Buttons – the cream square ones are probably vintage and were found by a friend in a charity shop, but there weren’t enough so I’ve mixed in some others.

Polyester thread just won’t dye using normal methods and most shop bought clothes are sewn with it. The solutions are either unpicking or sewing over the top and making a feature of it.

More solar dyeing

I got some more dock leaves for the linen top and it’s now getting its third dunking. the sun has been strong this last few days and I plan to dry it and then do some berry dyeing.

In case anyone is wondering, docks are a weed, grow abundantly here and are often sprayed to get rid of them. I wouldn’t use anything scarce.

Thanks for dropping by,

Norma x




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16 responses to “Solar Dyed and Upcycled

  1. Lovely refashion – it just doesn’t look right with those frills on – it’s just too much. I think the colour change also makes it more elegant.

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  2. I love mix-and-match buttons!

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  3. I am interested in the dead badger smell when dying with onion skins – is this normal? Anyway it looks like you have it sorted and your refashion is great. Solar dying is such fun – I am on the lookout for an abandoned acquarium to try doing bigger pieces. I shall follow your progress with interest!

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  4. Looks great–it’s edgy now. I think that it is the mix and match buttons. Love it paired with the skirt–very boho. Can’t wait to see the linen top! What color will dock make it?

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  5. I’m in agreement with everyone who loves the mix of buttons. Very unique look.

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  6. You’re most welcome. You worked hard for the praise your readers are giving. I’d never have seen the new blouse in the old one.

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  7. It looks great! much better without the frills and quite artistic actually. The buttons are fun! I love the new soft subtle colour. Solar dyeing does seem to give those lovely gentle shades with no harshness to them.


  8. Fantastic, Norma! It looks great.

    I’ve recently read about making an aromatic room spray with vodka. Seems it’s the thing to use to add nice scents to things and places!

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