1930s Sewalong – Please Help Me!

This is the blouse I was planning to sew for my 1930s outfit – minus the scarf bit – that wouldn’t suit the cotton fabric or me.

But I’ve got a problem. I undid the blouse pattern ready to trace it and found I didn’t like it. I just won’t wear it. I know I won’t.

So here’s plan B:


I would like to make the “summer coat blouse” from The Needlewoman June 1934 in the same linen as my skirt. But I can’t find a pattern that I can use as a base. Has anyone seen anything that would work, please? I don’t feel confident that I could cut my own pattern so I need a base to work from.

The cotton fabric won’t be wasted, it will be one of the tee shirts seen here.

All help gratefully received.


Norma x

PS EmilyAnn can cut her own patterns – see her blog for the wonderful journey from fabric, through drape to pattern.




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14 responses to “1930s Sewalong – Please Help Me!

  1. Google was no help. Good thing you realized how you felt about the fabric before going on.

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  2. Would this be any good? https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/104734308/plus-size-pattern-or-any-size-vintage. It’s a drafting pattern much like the Lutterloh golden rule patterns so you can draft it in your size. I’m thinking of using it as a base for a jacket very similar to one worn by Alice in Indian Summers. xx

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  3. What a shame that it’s not going to work. Are you only looking for authentic vintage patterns? If not I recently made the Simplicity 1590 1940’s blouse which I think is a really nice style with the collar and bow that attaches underneath. Here is the pattern: http://www.simplicitynewlook.com/1590/

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  4. Norma: I have a book called “Dress Cutting” by Margaret C. Ralston. It has drafting instructions for a very basic unfitted pattern block. I have not tried this system but it seems simple enough. The shape is like the blouse. You’d just have to embellish it and add the sleeves.

    If you can wait a week I’ll scan and either email you the instructions or put up the scans at my blog. Things will be a bit slow at my end because I’m working away from home Friday through Saturday morning and have a long trip back to Brooklyn. But I can scan next week for you.

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    • Thanks, I’m looking at everything people suggest.
      I’m teaching at the Weald & Downland Museum at the weekend so I won’t be doing anything for a few days.

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      • Great! Even if you decide on a different pattern, it will make for interesting reading. I’ll include the sleeve instructions, too. What you’ll notice is that the shape of the sleeve is very different from a modern one. It was more fitted. And the underarm of the sleeve was sewn 3/4″ towatds the front, away from the side seam of the bodice.

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  5. The only thing is the way measurements are taken, they don’t give a guide, just say “take loosely”. I’d estimate allowing about 3″ plus your measurement for enough ease. There are no darts to worry about. It’s a basic unfitted shape with no contouring.

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