Scrap Happy May


Random bits & pieces made into dog blankets. No, male dogs don’t mind pink!
I’ve been using up as much as possible this month : I’d like more space in my cupboard and prefer not to have so many bits & pieces hanging around.



These are A4size quilts made for a lucky dip at The Quilt Association. The quilts go into an envelope and visitors pay a small fee to choose one – no way of knowing what you will get. It’s a fun way of raising funds.
The scraps are from my mother-in-law’s 85th birthday quilt. There are some strips left to make fabric pots.


Pants in progress, using the remaining fabric from the 1930s dress before it was dyed lavender. 
I’m joining Scrap Happy May over at Tall Tales from Chiconia – why not go over & take a look at what the others are doing?
Thanks for dropping by
Norma x
PS I haven’t forgotten about my other sewing – 1930s and oneyearoneoutfit. There’s a lot going on and I’ll post very soon. X



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10 responses to “Scrap Happy May

  1. He looks really handsome with the pink.I am sure someone will be very pleased to receive the cutie quilts.

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  2. Brilliant, dog bed! Love it.

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  3. I know how you feel about just using the stuff up any old way you can! I’m going to have to remember to pass along the “lucky dip” idea for our quilt group.

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  4. I’ve always liked the chocolate/pink combination, and it well when the chocolate is a dog, too! It’s a clever way to use up scraps, give him his ‘own’ quilt so hopefully he’s less attracted to the stuff you’d prefer not to be chewed, and actually, they’re really pretty!

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  5. Your small quilts are so nice! I love the one with the hearts.

    Also, quite a treat to see your handsome dog.

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