Working Wardrobe?


No, not in an office or a shop but muddy work on our plot growing vegetables and mucking out hens.

I wear these tee shirt replacements with hardwearing trousers (usually jeans) often bought from charity shops. Over the years I’ve found that tee shirts are rarely in reasonable condition in charity shops but a small piece of fabric – new or from someone’s discarded stash – will make a good replacement tee shirt.

The photo shows the best ones I have. One or two are made of fabrics that are a bit too stiff and some are very worn and ready to become cleaning cloths.

Mostly they are hidden under jumpers or even a coat so they’re not much seen. If I really like them (and the ones in the photo are all in that category), I will wear them to town a few times first.

As for jeans, I know quite a few of you wouldn’t wear them but I do because what else can hide the dirt so well and not need ironing when they’ve been washed? They’re even better if they are being saved from landfill. Ideal for my working wardrobe.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while will know that I can’t even let old jeans die completely. Look here and here for some examples.

What’s in your working wardrobe?



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25 responses to “Working Wardrobe?

  1. I live in jeans for the same reason, I’m usually covered in paint, furniture polish and wood stain! What pattern do you use for your t-shirts Norma?


    • I’ve used two patterns. One is a New Look pattern for a dress but can’t give you the number because I can’t find it. The other is Deer & Doe’s Blouse Airelle – minus collar & puffy sleeves. The white one is the Airelle but I like it a lot & plan to do more.


  2. Great tops! I’ve worn jeans almost every day of my adult life, so they are definitely part of my working wardrobe. For my 50th birthday, I made myself a denim quilt – part from old jeans, part from some leftover denim yardage that found its way to my studio.

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  3. piecefulwendy

    I enjoy seeing what you are stitching. My grandmother was a seamstress, and I have some of her patterns from way back when they were only 10 cents a piece. I can’t bear to part with them!

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  4. That was a really cool bag you made.I like overalls.

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  5. I love the prints on these t-shirts. I think they’d look pretty with a long skirt and sweater, too. I never make anything I wear for work. When I’m working from home or house cleaning I wear Jaclyn Smith stretch jeggins and Hollister or Aero Postale shirts or t-shirts. I love what I have and everything is going on 3-5 years old. They’re soft and comfy.

    For the office I have some skirts, slacks and tailored blouses I wear. I’d wear slacks more often than jeans on weekends but since they require hand washing and touch-up ironing that’s rare. Jeans really have become a go-to garment even when they’re not always a first in terms of preferences.

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  6. Your lucky! I have to have dresses, skirts and nice slacks. I would love to be able to wear your’s… Or pjs…. To work! 😂

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  7. What a lovely assortment of t-shirts! Glad to hear you wear them to town before they are relegated to be worn mucking out hens. Speaking of which, I didn’t know you had hens! … Must be quite a pleasure to nurture them and I can only imagine how delicious the eggs you get must be.

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