Wonder Wool Wales


Seen yesterday at the Wonder Wool Festival at the Royal Welsh Showground. This was part of a knitted seascape in aid of the Welsh Air Ambulance and Macmillan Cancer Care. Lots of the scene was inside a dark cave so photos weren’t possible.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x



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6 responses to “Wonder Wool Wales

  1. Neat.. I love wool and all things wool. I am not too sure about sheep. It is really hard to find things made of wool in the US. Love the wool that makes up the mermaids skirt. Maybe not so much the metallic part but the other part–looks soft.

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    • I thought the mermaid was brilliant. The rest looked a lot better in reality than on photos.
      Sheep are everywhere here – the arrival of the first lambs is a cheering thing after the winter and now they are jumping and racing. Wonderful!

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  2. The shades of blue in the photo of the mermaid remind me of your latest tunic. This is a very unusual and imaginative exhibit. Thanks for sharing these photos. Did you pick up anything for yourself or the challenge to make a garment with locally produced products?

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