A Wool Story

First up is my new shawl.

This is a beginner project that I found in Landlust magazine – no pattern – just instructions. I’ve enjoyed knitting it and I’m very happy with it. The sort of shawl for those days when you’re travelling and you’re next to the train’s air conditioning outlet or you need more than a jacket. I think it will get a lot of use over the years.

It’s made of British wool, spun in the UK so it would be a good candidate for #oneyearoneoutfit if it were natural dyed or undyed wool.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the #oneyearoneoutfit project and my starting point is going to be a visit to Wonderwool Wales at the end of April. I am hoping to find lots of local wool and wool products to kick start my year.

Remember this?


Welsh wool skirt.

The fabric was made by Melin Teifi, a commercial woollen mill working within the Welsh Wool Museum. They produce a wide variety of patterns and I’m planning a trip across the mountains to visit them.

Lots of plans but meantime, back to the 1930s skirt.

Norma x




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6 responses to “A Wool Story

  1. You look like a graffiti artist the way you are holding up the shawl to hide your face. Lol. I could use that in my office–it is COLD. good luck on the yarn hunt.

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  2. I think this will be a very pleasant holiday outing for you–a shopping trip plus a museum visit. If you have time, please post photos from the museum.

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  3. What a beautiful shawl! Such lovely colours. You must love it.

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