More of the 1934 Skirt

The skirt’s front pleat makes walking possible but I wasn’t happy with the original design (see here for reasons if you are interested in technical details). Above you can see the inverted pleat I made instead. I looked up pleats in my 1934 (ish) copy of Polkinghorne’s book and this was something they did, so it’s authentic. I’ve sewn it in place with hand topstitching as described in the instructions for this pattern.

I’ve found the process very soothing, turning the handle of my 1930s sewing machine, overcasting the seams by hand to stop them fraying. I’ve got the left side seam and placket to do next. This is very slow but satisfying sewing.

EmilyAnn is making great progress with her 1930s dress. If you’d  like to try making your own pattern, her blog is the one to read.

Carol has some very interesting 1930s photos and sewing details if you like 1930s clothes.

Meanwhile, I have bought this to make the blouse.



I’ll have to change the neckline because the fabric’s cotton rather than “washing silk” and it won’t drape correctly but it’s definitely a 1930s style novelty print.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x



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6 responses to “More of the 1934 Skirt

  1. Love the purple. Interesting print. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. It should be pretty with the skirt.

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  2. Perfect print. Glad you’re having fun with the sewing and using your machine.

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  3. That suit is just gorgeous and I’ve added it to my Inspiration for 1930s suits I want to make board on Pinterest for future reference! The print of the blouse fabric is fabulous and will look perfect with the skirt. I can’t wait to see the two together. I have to say, I love sewing 1930s garments but I’m in awe of you doing it on a manual sewing machine! Not sure I’d have that kind of patience.

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  4. The pleat looks so neat and will be pleasing when worn. It will be in continuous line, it seams with the front opening of the blouse. If done up the way originally intended I think the visual effect might not seem well thought out.

    The fabric for the blouse is perfect. Very definitely 1930s-Art Deco in feeling.

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    • Thank you.
      I am pleased with it so far. I have been studying all the placket instructions and I’ll be starting that tomorrow – with trepidation!

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      • Yes, I understand the feeling. The placket will challenge me, too. But when I think of it snaps will be better than a zipper. Since the side seam is contoured I do not think a zipper would work out–the seam might be too stiff or heavy.

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