1930s Sewalong: A New Idea

1934 Free Patterns

I’ve owned this 1934 magazine for years now but I’d forgotten about it until this morning. Since I tried on my previous version of the 1930s dress here I’ve been very concerned that making another isn’t the right thing for me. I really like the first version and when I tried it on I realised the only problem is that I have gained weight since I made it. But that might not be such a big problem now as I’ve started training properly for a half marathon in September and so far I’ve lost 5lbs. I’d rather wait and see what happens.

Then I remembered this. The free pattern is still with the magazine and although the blouse has been made the suit is untouched. I am thinking of making the skirt and blouse. I’m  going to trace the pattern rather than use the original. It wouldn’t be the right size anyway. If I do lose weight, the skirt will be easy to alter even when finished. If I leave the blouse until last it will be clearer to me what size it should be.

The instruction pages. Click on the photo to see them close up.

I plan to make up this pattern on my 1930s Singer sewing machine.


1930s Singer Sewing Machine

And just as a final bit of history:

1934 Send for Patterns

These are the patterns you could have sent for if you’d been in the UK in March 1934.

EmilyAnn has done a marvelous 1930s draped dress pattern at RetroGlam. Do go over and take a look: I guarantee you will be amazed; it’s really beautiful.

Thanks for dropping by.

Have a lovely weekend.

Norma x



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5 responses to “1930s Sewalong: A New Idea

  1. Making a vintage pattern on a vintage sewing machine; what a fabulous idea!

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  2. EmilyAnn Frances May

    I love the suit! The over blouse and jacket are flattering to all figure types.Good luck with the training for the half marathon. You sound very motivated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I can imagine wearing the whole 3 piece at say a wedding so I’ve decided to do the lot.
      I am motivated & I’m getting lots of encouragement.


  3. In those days no one had hips–holey moley!

    Liked by 1 person

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