1930s Dress – Fitting Begins

The pattern for the 1930s sewalong.

Fitting photographs. This is a version I made a few years ago and I’m using it to fit the new linen version. It fitted a lot better then – I am a bit heavier now.

I think the bodice is too tight and I should start one size up. Does anyone have any other suggestions, please?

EmilyAnn is making her own 1930s pattern using some 1930s draping techniques – I highly recommend going over and taking a look.

Norma x



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10 responses to “1930s Dress – Fitting Begins

  1. Lovely dress and fabric x

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  2. I agree re the bodice, not because it looks too tight, but because it doesn’t have the draped ease of the pattern drawing. It’s hard to tell with the lovely print what else you could consider, but what a gorgeous pattern! Can’t wait to see your second iteration.

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  3. Hi Norma. I don’t know what happened to my other comment so I’ll shorten this one. I zoomed in and could see where the tightness is. There are slight pulls that angle across the front and back.

    I’ve read that cutting the pattern open at the area of tightness will provide the necessary length needed so the fabric will flow over the areas where a pucker occurs. This works for a sway back but I’m not sure about your dress bodice. The areas where the pulling shows are on a diagonal. It’s not a straight cut. It looks like some of the tightness is happening lengthwise. How about the width? Is it tight across the chest? And the sleeves? If all that is tight then I think cutting one size up is better than trying to adjust the current size.

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    • The sleeves are fine and it’s tight across the chest. I noticed the diagonal pulling too – it didn’t do that when originally made so it may be just that everything is now so tight it would disappear if the dress was bigger.
      Thanks for your helpful comments – I saw the more detailed one, it’s attached to one of the photos.
      I think I will have to grade the pattern to the next size and make a toile.

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  5. Francine

    Hi Norma,
    I wonder if you could possibly help. I’ve inherited this pattern from my aunt but she has lost the instructions. I’ve contacted Vogue but they say because it’s out of print they can’t help me. Would there be any possibility that you could take a photo, a copy or something of your pattern instructions and emil it to me, or upload on your blog? I’d love to have a go at making this, but I am not good enough to do it without instructions. Thank you.


    • Hi Francine,
      Because of the copyright I can’t do that but I will think about doing a step by step when I make it again myself if it would still be of interest to you?


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