All about the skirt

Beautiful but rather dull fabric. I bought it because it’s Welsh and feels wonderful. So, how to make it more interesting?

Well, I think the buttons do that; they are shell buttons but with colour. I bought them on a trip to Cardiff last year with this fabric in mind. Yes, it’s been sitting around that long…

Why the binding? I made a mistake when I cut the pattern out and wasn’t able to cut all the pieces side by side. The binding means I don’t need a hem so it’s as long as I really wanted it to be.

I was pleased that the pattern matches all the way around. I read a tip once that you should use the pieces you’ve already cut to cut the rest. Technical details: I cut half of the back and then turned it over to cut the other half. I could have made a full size pattern but this was quicker.

I laid the back next to the place where I wanted to cut the first front and lined up the pattern before cutting. I turned that front over and used it to cut the other front. If you have a commercial pattern there are usually notches to help you line up the pieces – useful for checks too. This pattern is by me, made from tracing around a skirt several years ago: I didn’t bother with notches. I’ve used it many times and in various fabrics and lengths eg. this long black denim version

The lining was left over from making this coat. I bought more than I needed because I liked it so much. I love a purple lining and this one is lovely and soft.

Interfacing: scraps of lightweight cotton fabric.

Binding: leftovers from another project.

Only the fabric was local so I’ve got a way to go before I wear really local clothes but it’s given me something to think about. The fabric was wonderful to work with, it washed beautifully and I only had to buy thread to finish it. I’m looking forward to working with wool fabrics for #oneyearoneoutfit.

When I don’t need to take photos with my phone I’ll show a photo of me wearing it.

Thanks for looking in.

Norma x





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10 responses to “All about the skirt

  1. Love the purple lining–my favorite color. The buttons do add to it.

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  2. Hi Norma! For some reason my comment went to the photo of the skirt. Anyway, just want to say the binding was the perfect solution to keeping the skirt at the length you wanted.

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    • Lucky really I had a bit more fabric than I needed. I forgot I intended to turn the back piece over and started to cut as an individual piece. There wouldn’t have been a seam allowance!

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  3. I love the fabric, perfect for so many occasions! The buttons are a great idea too šŸ™‚ Also love your Welsh theme!

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  4. I love it! Such a nice style and the buttons are great. The denim one is very nice too. Way to go!

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  5. Gorgeous skirt. I love the binding but am curious about what colour it is – green or grey? Not that it adds or detracts one way or the other, I simply can’t tell šŸ™‚

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