Sew it begins – 1930s Dress Fabric

Italian linen in lavender – medium weight (but still quite light enough for a dress).

This arrived on Friday and the colour nearly took my breath away when I opened the package. Just as well, because I didn’t send for a swatch. Today was perfect for laundry and I washed the fabric. At last I feel I have really started. Next step is my toile.

Jackie from Nuhn Handmade is going to be joining this very relaxed 1930s sewalong. She has done a very interesting post about which dress to make. I think you will enjoy the pictures very much.

EmilyAnn has posted here about making a gored skirt pattern for the 1930s sewalong. I learned a lot from it having recently taken apart a (charity shop bought) gored skirt to make a pattern.

On another topic, I accidentally posted to my old blog again. I wish I could get my act together. Anyway, if you are interested, this reverse applique waistcoat can be found here.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x



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4 responses to “Sew it begins – 1930s Dress Fabric

  1. Love the vest–colors and applique. Just a question–what is toile? Love the color of the linen. Can’t wait to see the dress take shape.

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  2. Love your lavender linen it looks so pretty out on your clothsline

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