Just a little thing


Star Cushion

I made this a while ago now and never blogged it. I used English paper piecing to make the star and then machine appliqued it to the background. The quilting was by machine – just an outline, nothing fancy. Some of these dressmaking fabrics will also be part of my ongoing scrap quilt.

Another stash bust! I’ll get the room sorted in the end.

1930s Dress Progress

After much thought, I am pretty certain that Irish linen will be my fabric. I have just requested a sample in any lavender / purple shade. I don’t want to start my toile until I know what the fabric’s going to be.

I would like to use more local fabrics in my wardrobe – I have been reading about One Year One Outfit here and here – and I am very tempted to sign up. I’ve made a pinstripe skirt from wool fabric woven in Yorkshire and I know there are knitting wools from UK sheep but I think it would be really interesting to find more local fabrics and use them. What about local buttons and threads? It would take a lot of research.

Have you ever thought about dressing more locally?

Solar Dyeing

I took some fabrics out of jars today – results to be posted soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x




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15 responses to “Just a little thing

  1. Really beautiful work, Norma, lovely colors. The star shows up nicely on the background. Would be a wonderful addition to any room. Button adds interest too.

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  2. Lovely — what a pretty color combination. It fairly glows.

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  3. The one year one out fit looks really interesting. The different shades of orange in the pillow are gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with Irish linen.

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  4. Meriel

    That cushion is lovely. I have always wanted to try paper piecing.


  5. pao

    Do you know Handmade by Carolyn? She did the sewing an outfit from locally produced items in a year and she’s in Australia. The whole process was amazing. Check it out.
    I have no idea what paper piercing is, but the pillow looks grand.

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  6. Have a little extra time and I came in from Vintage Vixen. I took a few minute and looked link to “English girl at home” I had a simple dress my mom made for me in that color of blue.

    One the things on my bucket list is to make a quilt. But I sure won’t start with anything as fancy as star design.

    Hope you find time to stop in at my blog. I always got a pot of coffee on

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  7. I agree the color combo is lovely. This pillow would look great on a wicker chair in a sunroom.

    I like the idea of sewing with locally made fabrics. There not much publicity about that kind of thing in my corner of Brooklyn, though. Lots of artisanal foods and craft beers but no local or regional fabrics that I know of. I’ll be posting photos of my fabric for the 1930s top and gored skirt over the weekend. Also will do the tutorial on lining the sheath skirt.

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  8. That is lovely, Norma. Your work is so neat and tidy and pro looking. Very nice!

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