I’m on a Mission….Stashbusting!

Scrap blocks

I found the three inch windmill blocks in a drawer. I cannot remember when they were put together, but it must be a long time ago as I’m a bit better at matching points now. The individual pieces are tiny so I don’t think errors like that will show up – the quilt will be double bed size and these blocks make up only a tiny part of the whole.

I’m trying to clear myself some space in the room where I sit and sew. The amount of stuff I have in cupboards and drawers is invading my head as well as the room. If only I could get rid of my chest of drawers ….. so I’m on a stash busting mission. I went through all my scrap boxes and slightly bigger boxes trying to get fabrics which would blend. There are dressmaking leftovers from the late 1980s and early 1990s, recent leftovers, tiny bits of quilt fabric and because there wasn’t quite enough, my solar dyed pieces.

I’ll machine piece into 3 inch blocks before assembly. I want to produce one of those really old fashioned unplanned quilts such as our foremothers made out of every last leftover bit of fabric. And just in case you’re wondering, I am still hand sewing the tumbling blocks but that’s only for when a bit of hand sewing is needed.

After reading this post from Kate I am going to piece the wadding too and maybe the good bits of my stashed old sheets for the backing.


Remember the solar dyeing? Remember the summer?????

These were previously leftover pieces, some of them very small. I’ve cut them all up to include in this scrap quilt and I’m fascinated that every tiny piece is different. So much more interesting than the bits of commercial plain fabric I cut up.

1930s Dress Update

I am toying with the idea of dyeing my own fabric for my 1930s dress and maybe trying to get some shade variation. Only trouble is I think I want lavender or maybe purple and I don’t think I’ll get that with a natural dye. I’ll keep on thinking.

1,000 mile update

74 miles by foot and bike this month – weather forced me into the gym instead and I don’t count indoor miles.

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x





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9 responses to “I’m on a Mission….Stashbusting!

  1. piecefulwendy

    There must be something in the air since I’ve been thinking about my stash and my quilt room organization. I’ll be posting more about that in this week’s blog. Needless to say, my quilt room is more organized and breathable. For now. Looking forward to seeing your quilts and other projects come together!

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  2. Thanks for the link! You’ll be happy to know I went out and bought a roll of batting tape yesterday, for even faster batting piecing. I’m down to really small pieces now, it may be time for some pot holders, heat pads and coasters… Got to finish it all up before I allow myself to start the new roll of batting I got for my birthday!

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  3. I think purple will be pretty. It just happens to be my favorite color. Mulberries? The other color looks somewhat like you soar dyeing.

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  4. Norma, you’re already on the Simple Abundance path. By using every bit of your stash you’re making way for more wonderful things to happen. It’s not just the quilt. By releasing and actualizing the potential in all that fabric you’ll eventually be blessed with more space, inspiration, and eventually new insights. There’s something about accumulating so much of something that you feel so very good when it’s finally been given a purpose and expression.


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