Sewing a Bit of History

Vogue 2671

Sewing 1930s – I’ve a few sewing books from this era and a keen interest in the clothes. I don’t think clothes from the 1930s necessarily translate well into modern times but I’m anxious to have a go at just that over the next few months.

I’ve made the dress before as a rather unsatisfactory wearable toile and I’ll be using the old version to improve the fit and workmanship on this one.

I am thinking of wool / wool mix crepe in a plain colour but I’ve got to  find some first. I’ll be attempting to sew using original methods – no zigzag seam finish for instance – that way I’ll get a better feel for the techniques. Living history!

Emily Ann Frances from Retro Glam is also going to be sewing 1930s and we’re going to discuss problems, progress and triumphs on our blogs. If you are also keen to sew 1930s then why not join us – there’s no deadline (and no rules).

Norma x



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13 responses to “Sewing a Bit of History

  1. I think the skirt is really cool.I think that era will fit in well to the current time. I will be following along to see how all this comes out.

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  3. Norma, it’s lovely. I think you’d look pretty with a beret like the one in the illustration. I just put up my posting about our sew along. Here it is:


  4. Way to go. I’m looking forward to seeing how you make out with it. It certainly looks like it will be a lovely dress!

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  5. pao

    Ohh, I love the dress. Maybe with longer sleeves. But then again, that’s just me. The style lines are just great. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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