Weald and Downland Museum Quilts

Frame QuiiltFirst Weald & Downland quiltCrib Quilt

Three of the patchwork bedcovers I’ve been involved in making at the Weald and Downland Museum in Singleton, West Sussex.

All the fabrics are as close to those used in the late nineteenth century as possible. The hexagon and squares were pieced over papers using English paper piecing as was the middle of the medallion quilt top left.

There are other patchworks and some quilted clothing. I’ll post some more photos over the next few months.

I’m hosting a day’s workshop on 22nd May at the museum and really looking forward to it.

Norma x





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5 responses to “Weald and Downland Museum Quilts

  1. Kay

    What an interesting project to be involved in

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  2. It is. There’s historic clothing too, including quilted clothes. I’ve learned a lot by taking part.


  3. I like the last quilt best. They wear quilted clothing in China–for warmth. Even the dogs have little quilted outfits.

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