Some Quilts in Progress

Detail - Tumbling Blocks

The idea behind this quilt is to use only fabrics and techniques that could have been used in the 1890s. As many of you will know, I have been making it for a very long time. But look! It’s growing!

I haven’t counted how many pieces it will need but I think the finished article will probably have more than 2,000 pieces. I get tired of doing it and put it aside for a while but every so often I get going again.  I’ve used my stash (once extensive and now rapidly declining), bought a bag of fabric in a charity shop, swapped pieces and been given some by generous quilters. One day I’ll be able to show you the finished article.

Landscape quilt

Another English paper pieced quilt

Landscape Quilt Detail

I plan to cut this one into three and make generous sized bags. The fabrics are silk and the handles and trim will be cut from my silk evening skirt – made by me and worn to a New Year’s party a few year’s ago. I used the leftover fabric for the binding.

Whatever possessed me to make something and wear it only once???

Thanks for dropping by.

Norma x




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13 responses to “Some Quilts in Progress

  1. Norma: The visual effect of the first quilt is amazing. At times I felt the little block like shapes were three dimensional. I actually felt the quilt had areas of depth and other areas of height. I think it’s good you take a break from it. Do you ever feel any eye strain while working on it?


  2. Kay

    The first quilt is amazing, it almost seems to be undulating.


  3. Kay, undulating is the correct word. I saw the movement in the pattern, too.


  4. You were seduced by the silk. I am always attracted to silk for the feel, flow and the way it represents color.

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  6. Hi Norma, I just mentioned your beautiful arrangement of the diamond segments of your quilt in progress. It inspired me to get back to work again!

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