Another Quilt

20160103_151654Ever wondered what to do with old pairs of jeans, worn to indecency?

Well, this is what I did. I was inspired by the Japanese Boro work to make this lap quilt. Some of the jeans are stretch so they were quite hard to work with but the embroidery stitches helped to stabilise those patches.

I don’t like to throw things away if I can help it and this was a fun way of using up fabric.

And old shirts make up the reverse.


Pre-used fabric is harder to work with than standard quilting cottons – it moves more if it’s well washed shirts and it’s very tough and worn if it’s old jeans.

I don’t think the results would stand comparison with quilts made from brand new fabric but recycling is in the quilting tradition and I like to think I am in that tradition. What do you do with your very old clothes – the ones the charity shops would spurn? Do you quilt? Make bags? I’d love to know. You can see what I’ve done with them before here.

On a completely different subject, I’ve signed up for Ilona’s 1,000 mile challenge. I plan to walk the dog, run and cycle my 1,000 miles.

Enjoy your week.

Norma x



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15 responses to “Another Quilt

  1. Kay

    I love it – it looks so unusual and the design is great.

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  2. Stunning, love the appliqué sections.

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  3. I like this very much. It’s like the clothing is reborn. I use my old clothes sometimes to death. I don’t recycle them but wear them on the days I work from home. New York City has started a limited fiber recycling initiative. I hope they institute one in my area. That is one way to help the effort when a person isn’t as clever as you are at this specialty.

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    • I like that you wear your loved old clothes working from home:it must be one of the great benefits.
      The quilt was sort of mending, only mending things that had got beyond wearing. I used to have a customer who liked what he called “funky mending” for his jeans; I guess I’ve just taken it a bit further.

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  4. What a great way to reuse jeans! I find repurposing jeans is getting harder as more of them are made in thinner, more stretchy fabrics, but looks like you’ve handled them really well.
    I’m on a bit of an upcycling mission at the minute, my blog at is about the whole challenge. I especially love working with bedsheets, tablecloths, curtains etc because the amount of fabric you get out of them is brilliant! But I’m learning to work with smaller items. My most recent was turning a jumper into a snood and gloves. And I’m currently working on a scarf and curtain top!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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  5. Love the designs! Quilts are an amazing piece of history.Our lives (your life) is sewed up into it. I find quilts that are made up of old clothing way more interesting that store bought cloth.

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