Birthday Quilt Completed


The Welsh Quilt last seen on my sewing table.

In the distant past most Welsh quilts were made of wool fabrics and filled with carded wool. In a land of many sheep that’s what you would expect, but traditional wool was gradually more or less replaced by cotton and for this quilt that’s what I’ve used.

There was once a thriving weaving industry in this area. In nearby Llanidloes there are still weavers houses to be seen, but there has been little work of that kind since the mid-nineteeth century when Yorkshire began to take over.

It is still possible to buy Welsh woollen fabrics and I have a gorgeous piece in my cupboard waiting to be made into a winter skirt, but it’s sadly no longer a major industry.

And back to this quilt…

The really traditional aspect is the frame pattern. It was a really popular pattern in the nineteenth century and into the twentieth. I’ve hand pieced (English paper pieced) the centre from octagons and squares and then framed it with strips of fabric.


I’ve quilted it by hand to continue the traditional theme. It’s been good to get the practice in hand quilting – I noticed the stitches becoming smaller and more even as I worked. Maybe someday it will be something I can be happy with.
It’s an 85th birthday present and I’m hoping that I’ve got the recipient’s taste right.

Solar Dyeing
If you’re waiting for solar dyeing results, I’ve brought the jars inside now winter is coming. I can see the hops are having an effect. Nothing happening in the beech leaf jars yet.
Have a lovely weekend and thanks for dropping by.



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11 responses to “Birthday Quilt Completed

  1. How very beautiful, Norma. The recipient of this fine gift will certainly be thrilled!

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  2. That’s very pretty, a wonderful gift.

    In the US the frame or medallion format was especially popular in the first half of the 19th century, and then again in the 1920s to a lesser degree, fueled by the patterns that were more available. It’s my favorite format and I’ve made about 50 of them. They are fun and can be challenging, and very rewarding. Thanks for showing yours.

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  3. I hope the recipients happiness with the gift will return to you many times over. This is such a gift of time and love. Very memorable.

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  4. Wow, you really did an amazing job in this 🙂

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  5. Really beautiful. The colors work really well together. Are those roses called cabbage roses? I am sure the birthday person totally loved it.

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