Fabulous quilts …….

Seen at The Welsh Quilt Centre, Lampeter.

Miss Morgan's Quilt

Miss Sara Jane Morgan of Capel Dewi, Aberystwyth made this quilt in 1920. It’s currently displayed at the Welsh Quilt Party exhibition in Lampeter, Ceredigion.

I loved it for its beautiful colours and the intricate quilting.  Not suprisingly, Miss Morgan’s quilts were very popular.

19th century silk quilt

This one was made of silk around a hundred years earlier.

This is just a taster – I recommend this exhibition. Go see it if you can.

Norma x



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7 responses to “Fabulous quilts …….

  1. I like Sara Jane’s choice of colors.

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  2. The colors or the shade of the colors is really different. She makes it work–I think it is in the colors she puts next to each other. I sadly do not have that knack–but I can enjoy it in others work.


  3. Oh my … how I wish I could see this exhibit! It’s hard to imagine that those lovely pieces were created so long ago, during a time when they would have been considered necessities for the home, rather than the artworks that they were.

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  4. Kay

    Sara Jane’s choice of colour is wonderful – the quilting is just right for it. I must pay the museum a visit one day

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