Solar Dyeing

Eco Colour by India Flint

Eco Colour by India Flint

This is a fantastic book if you want to try natural dyeing.

A friend introduced me to the concept of solar dyeing and encouraged me to get started.  She has jars in sunny spots all around her garden whilst mine are in the greenhouse.

I have been organised and carefully labelled jars with  details of mordants (tea, milk for instance), dyestuff used and date put into the jar. These are experiments and I don’t know how well they will turn out. It hasn’t been a particularly sunny summer here so that will no doubt affect the outcome.  Maybe some of the jars will have to sit by the stove during the winter to get the dye to take.

If you have tried solar dyeing, please comment and let me know how you got on.

solar dyeing

This one seems to be doing particularly well.

I’m using small pieces of cotton and linen for the experiment and I’ve got jars with hops, beech leaves, beetroot and onion skins on the go. Eventually, I want to try natural dyeing for clothes and for quilts but I don’t want to waste fabric by diving straight in without testing. It’s a long term project.


Tie dyed fabric

I got these from a charity fabric sale: tie-dyed cotton fabrics in toning colours. They use conventional dyes but they are very pretty and will make a lap quilt for certain.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.





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11 responses to “Solar Dyeing

  1. Norma, Thank you for following “Through the Byzantine Gate.” I look forward to seeing the results of your experiments. I’ve seen knitting yarns that were dyed with onion skins or vegetable peelings. The colors are so completely different from chemically dyed yarns. I’m very interested in how your cotton and linen fabrics will turn out.

    I’d think that if you want to dye clothes this way you will need a large container. Woud you be able to use a plastic tub with a lid or would that, too, have to be glass?


  2. Hi there Norma! I’m happy to find you again and am certain I will enjoy the theme of your new blog.
    I’ve never heard of solar dying. Very interesting!
    The tie-died fabrics you found will make a lovely small quilt.


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  6. Never read this post. The book looks interesting.

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